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Drive Smarter, Tint Better.   
Drive Smarter, Tint Better.   

Exclusive nationwide supplier
of GLASSTINT™ Ceramic Tint Rolls
in the United States

GLASSTINT is different.
We produce unique tint films with drivers in mind, not just the cars.
GLASSTINT™: Innovative tint films, customer-centric approach, avoiding past pitfalls.

our standard is

  • pender
  • rode
  • santana
  • shure x
  • camo
  • sunset r
  • reiney blue
  • aura



Dreaming of those stories to develop, prosper,
and become a legend one day.

Also, we wish the brand will collaborate
and shape the future with the innovators.


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  • Country Exclusive

  • Distributor

    Tinting Shop

  • Certified Pro
    Tinting Shop

  • For you,
    more than just for vehicles
  • Invest in

the Story of
Founder, Choi yunseok



Founder Profile



Choi Yunseok is...

Who is Yunseok Choi?

Is he a film developer?
Film distributor?
Film installer?


Yunseok Choi is a car owner.
He is a car owner who likes to
develop the best film product to apply to his car.
He is a car owner who likes to
install the best product safely and perfectly to his car.

A special film,

for people,

not cars.

“ I dream of the legend that started with my own hands to be prosperous. Also, I wish the brand to last by shaping the future with innovators.”

  • He never gives up.

    Although he had a youth far from affluence and abundance, he became a businessman who constantly pioneered and took on challenges always to be the best.

  • He is a free-spirited pioneer who takes on the future.

    To some, he may have been seen as a lone wolf.
    However, he focused on imagining and exploring new ideas while challenging himself for endless discovery rather than socializing with peers.

    He created products made of new materials by seeking beyond restrictions and limitations. His pursuit of freedom and happiness is the essence of GLASSTINT's products.

    The outcome of those efforts in the past gave birth to the best sellers of today.

  • He understands beauty.

    He longed for beautiful culture, art, and beautiful automobiles. By incorporating them into his lifestyle, he created the core value of GLASSTINT, providing deep inspiration to car owners and those involved in the industry.

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Those of us who are ready to deliver the best customer
service and technology with the utmost craftsmanship,
Get your success and happiness with GLASSTINT.

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