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Glasstint® Reflective Ceramic Window Film enhances the overall visual appeal of a vehicle with its stunning colors

Glasstint®‘s specialized high-purity dye combination technology and metal sputtered coating make it unparalleled and stable compared to any other film.


SUNSET R Ceramic Tint

Sunset R properly implements the beautiful emerald color of the glass itself,

making the exterior of the car more refined.

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SUNSET Q Ceramic Tint

Sunset Q provides an impressive heat blockage and moderate reflectivity to create a sophisticated exterior look.

Learn more about Sunset Q, which has outstanding performance.

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BACH Ceramic Tint

The deep sea color represented by Bach will elevate your car to a more sophisticated world.

Learn more about the exclusive color film BACH, which can only be experienced at Glasstint.

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HANDEL Ceramic Tint

Handel's unique and fashionable Platinum Pink is your own color

that gives your car a more distinctive and powerful feel.

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REINEY BLUE Ceramic Tint

Reiney Blue has a special pleasure that becomes even more pronounced outdoors.

. Learn more about the fantastic blue color reflective film, Reiney Blue.

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